Electric Flux Density

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Electric Flux Density

The Electric Flux Density (D) is related to the Electric Field (E) by:

electric flux density is equal to permittivity times electric field
[Equation 1]

In Equation [1], permittivity is the permittivity of the medium (material) where we are measuring the fields.

If you recall that the Electric Field is equal to the force per unit charge (at a distance R from a charge of value q_1 [C]):

electric field due to a charge of magnitude q1
[Equation 2]

Then the Electric Flux Density is:

electric flux density due to a charge of magnitude q1
[Equation 3]

From Equation [3], the Electric Flux Density is very similar to the Electric Field, but does not depend on the material in which we are measuring (that is, it does not depend on the permittivity . Note that the D field is a vector field, which means that at every point in space it has a magnitude and direction.

The Electric Flux Density has units of Coulombs per meter squared [C/m^2].

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